🐮 What's a Calf Share? 🐮

Imagine the animal is split in two down the middle from head to tail. Each side would be considered a half (1/2) share of beef.

If you order a 1/2 share, you would get all of the steaks, roasts, ribs, and hamburger meat from one half of the calf.

Half of a 1/2 share is a quarter (1/4), and half of a quarter share is an eighth (1/8)!

🥩 Order Process 🥩

1. Determine how much beef you'll need. Click on each item below to see how much beef comes with each share.

2. PURCHASE A DEPOSIT! This will secure your calf share and your beef for the year!

3. Depending on the time of year and availability, it could be up to three months before your order is ready. During this time, we send updates and newsletters about what's going on around the ranch. Feel free to contact us for an estimated lead time.

4. Just before the beef is packed and shipped, we'll email you an invoice for the remainder of the balance. This will complete your purchase.


❄️Freezer Guide❄️

1/8 Calf Share

~45-50 lbs. of BEEF!

We recommend at least a 2 cu. ft. of freezer space for this order size. If you have nothing else in your regular freezer and fridge combo, it should all fit in there! If not, a separate small freezer may be necessary.

1/4 Calf Share

~ 90-100 lbs. of BEEF

We recommend at least a 4 cu. ft. freezer for this order size. In our opinion, the freezer in the photo has the best value to size ratio. It's big enough for a 1/4 share and then some... all for around $200!

1/2 Calf Share

~ 180-200 lbs. of BEEF

We recommend at least a 12 cu. ft. freezer for this order size.

Whole Calf

~360-400 lbs. of BEEF

We recommend at least a 17-19 cu. ft. freezer for this amount of beef!