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Hickok Hamburger

1/8 Calf - 50% Deposit

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Fill that freezer to the top with ~45 pounds of pure pasture-raised beef! 

📦 Includes FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states📦 

Standard Cuts and Quantities (May Vary Slightly)

2 x 1.5" Thick Ribeyes 
2 x Tenderloin Medallions 
1 x Chuck Roast 
1 x Arm Roast 
2 x NY Strips 
1 x Sirloin 
2 x Ribs 
20 x Hamburger 
2 x Soup Bones 
1 x Chili Meat 

This should fit in a standard (over fridge) freezer, if there's nothing else in it! If it's not empty, a small freezer like the one recommended for 1/4 calf share will work.

Care Instructions

For best use, keep at room temperature, in the refrigerator, or freezer for long term storage.

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