Beef Kabobs

Beef Kabobs

Beef Kabobs

Ka·bob [kuh-bob]

The most tender, most delicious, easiest way to serve up beef!

(at least that’s my definition…)

During dove season, we’ve been spending our evenings out hunting. We love making our dove breasts into jalapeno poppers, but that’s not a full “meal”. So, we’ve been making beef kabobs using Hickok Hamburger’s newest cuts, the Tenderloin Medallions, and throwing them on the grill with the poppers for a quick, easy, delicious late night dinner after a long day’s hunt.


You’re probably thinking, ‘Why do we need a whole blog post and recipe for throwing some chunks of meat on skewers with veggies & calling it a dinner?’ But, we couldn’t brag on our tenderloin medallions without sharing our amazing marinade with you! This will be quick & easy, just like this amazing meal!

I can’t get into this blog without telling you just how important your beef is when making beef kabobs! As I mentioned previously, Hickok Hamburger is now selling Tenderloin Medallions. People often use sirloin or skirt steak for their skewers, but there is something truly special about the tenderloin. The tenderloin is the most tender, most flavorful cut of the cow. When I say tender, I mean you can pick it up with a fork and take bites off of it, no knife needed! These are typically smaller cuts of meat that could be used for “steak bites” perhaps, but they're the perfect size to be cut up for kabobs & that’s what first gave us the idea to use them on our skewers. We cannot recommend this recipe enough!! We are obsessed!

Before cooking this recipe, please allow plenty of time for thawing your beef! We recommend thawing 1 of 2 ways. Beef thaws best in the refrigerator! For these small medallions, we suggest ~4 hours of defrost time. Second best option would be thawing in cold water. If your beef is vacuum sealed (Hickok Hamburger always is ;), you are probably safe to soak the package straight in the water. Otherwise, place your frozen beef in a sealed Ziploc bag for its defrost bath! Change the water out every 20-30 minutes until the meat is fully thawed.

Before we get into making our kabobs, we have a little step to throw in for all those using wooden skewers! To ensure your wooden skewers don’t burn up as soon as they hit the grill, we suggest soaking them in water for at least an hour (the longer the better, we sometimes do it all day if we remember in time!). If you are using metal skewers, you can skip this step!

First, we cut up the medallions. It is important that you try to cut your meat into similar sized pieces to ensure they all cook consistently. We typically aim for 1-1.25 inch chunks for our skewers. Once your meat is all cut up, we marinate it.

We will make the marinade in a gallon ziploc bag (but you can also use a bowl with a lid or whatever container you’d like). Start by putting all your cut up tenderloin pieces into the bag. Then you add the olive oil, soy sauce, lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, italian seasoning, pepper, salt & hot sauce. Close the bag and squish the meat around to mix all the ingredients and make sure that the meat is fully covered in the marinade. Place your marinating beef in the refrigerator for 30mins-1hr (depending on how much time you have). The tenderloin is a cut that doesn’t need as long when marinating because it is already tender. Oftentimes, people marinate meat for up to 24 hours not just to add flavor, but to allow the meat to tenderize. We are using a marinade only to add to the delicious flavor of the tenderloin!

While the beef is marinating we will prepare the vegetables. The fun thing about kabobs is that they are fully customizable to your veggie preferences! We are not afraid of vegetables here on Hickok Ranch & we like to use as many different veggies as possible! For our kabobs we used red bell pepper, yellow squash, zucchini & baby bella mushrooms. Some other good grilling options would be red onion, baby tomatoes, jalapenos & other bell peppers. Cut your vegetables around the same size as your tenderloin chunks & throw them all in a bowl together. When you’re finished cutting, cover the vegetables with a little olive oil & then season them with salt & pepper. Now your veggies are ready for the skewers.

Once your beef has marinated for 30 minutes - 1 hour, pull the meat from the fridge and get ready to assemble your kabobs. This can be as simple or as creative as you wish, but my O.C.D. definitely loves a little pattern on my skewers. Load the meat & veggies however you wish onto your soaked wooden skewer sticks (or metal if you prefer). Now they’re ready to cook!

Place your beef kabobs on a hot grill for approximately 7 minutes, or until their internal temperature reaches from 135-140 degrees. We like our tenderloin less done so we shoot for a medium rare - medium temp. steak. Repeat this as many times as needed until all your kabobs are cooked.

If you prefer to cook in the oven, you can cook your kebabs at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, then flip them over and cook for an additional 10 minutes until your meat’s internal temperature is around 135 degrees (medium rare), 140 degrees (medium), 145-150 degrees (medium well), 150+ (well done).

We hope you enjoy these flavorful, delicious tenderloin beef kabobs with your friends and family! Down in south Texas, we have to suggest a good old Lone Star Light pairing and preferably some dove jalapeno poppers if in season! 


We have hyped up Hickok Hamburger’s Tenderloin Medallions enough in this blog… but in case you need one more reminder, grass-fed and grass-finished is the way God intended beef to be raised! We promise, you WILL taste the difference!

Beef Kabobs

Defrost Time: ~4 hours in refrigerator

Preparation Time: 1hr minutes

Cook Time: ~7 mins (per round - you may need to cook multiple rounds of skewers depending on grill size)

Servings: 5-6

NOTICE: This is an Instant Pot Recipe! (other pressure cookers work as well)



  • ~2lb Hickok Hamburger Tenderloin Medallions
  • Vegetables of choice
  • Skewer Sticks (wooden - soaked in water)


  • ½ C olive oil
  • ¼ C soy sauce
  • Juice from 1 lemon
  • 2 TBSP worcestershire sauce
  • ½ TBSP garlic powder
  • ½ TBSP Italian seasoning
  • ½ tsp pepper
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 1 dash of hot sauce (we love Cholula!)


  1. DEFROST MEAT - please make sure you leave enough time to defrost your roast completely before starting - preferably in the refrigerator for ~4 hrs.
  2. Soak wooden skewer sticks in water for at least an hour before grilling.
  3. Cut tenderloin medallions into ~1-1.25 inch chunks
  4. MARINADE - place cut up meat in a gallon ziploc bag, then add olive oil, soy sauce, lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, pepper, salt & hot sauce. Close the bag and squish the meat around to mix ingredients and make sure all the meat is covered in marinade. Place your ziploc in the refrigerator & allow 30 minutes - 1 hour for marinating.
  5. VEGGIES - Cut up all your vegetables into similar size chunks. Throw all veggies in a bowl, cover in a little olive oil, then season with salt and pepper to taste.
  6. Once the meat is done marinating, pull it out and thread your skewers with a meat and vegetable mixture.
  7. Cook your skewers on a hot grill for ~7 minutes, or until the meat’s internal temperature reaches 135-140 degrees (for a medium-rare/medium doneness).
  8. Serve your beef kabobs alongside some jalapeno poppers and an ice cold beer!
  9. ENJOY!


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